What former program participants said . . .

Karel, 2005:
“In Children Memorial Hospital I saw the most advanced health care and supportive medicine and I learned a lot about leukemia and tumors in children. . . . I enjoyed working with the enthusiastic doctors, they and the nurses showed me a highly professional but also friendly side of medicine. . . I arranged professional and personal contacts with experts for my future life.”

Lucie, 2006:

“The ethical part of this training was the most interesting . . .The physicians were great and allowed me to listen to their consultations with the parents, children and other family members . . . Getting to know how everything is organized abroad and being able to compare it to our system is more important for us than expanding the academic skills I think.”

Ladislav, 2006:
“I met many interesting people . . . They gave me many new ideas about research and the doctor-patient partnership.”