The Kristyna M. Driehaus Foundation awarded a 3-year grant to support the International Collaborative for Public Health Emergency Preparedness (ICPHEP) initiative. 


With the assistance of the Czech Donors Forum, The Kristyna M. Driehaus Foundation arranged for an informational meeting between representatives of non-profit foundations in the Czech Republic and Chicago, USA, that are dedicated to saving babies from being abandoned unsafely. Mrs. Dawn Geras, president of the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, will meet with Mr. Ludvik Hess, founder and president of Babybox-Statim Foundation in Prague, on May 30th, 2006. Mrs. Geras and Mr. Hess hope to share knowledge and experiences that will ultimately benefit the lives of children and their parents in both countries.


The Kristyna M. Driehaus Foundation is proud to sponsor Ms. Sunny Fischer to lecture at the 4th National Conference of Foundations and Non-Profit Funds in Prague, Czech Republic on May 23rd, 2006. Organized by the Czech Donors Forum, this year’s conference will focus on the ‘Social and Economic Potential for Foundations and Non-Profit Funds’.