Meeting with the Czech Ambassador to the United States, Hynek Kmoníček – January 11, 2018. The purpose of the meeting was for representatives of the KMDF to present and coordinate their 2018 activities with the Embassy’s U.S. centannial celebrations and efforts. 

AFoCR’s Prague Visit – May 2018 – The KMDF is a contributor to this important visit.

Centennial Celebration of the formation of Czechoslovakia – October 2018 – The KMDF will be a proud sponsor of the Czech-American and Slovak-American communities’ celebration in Chicago and other United States areas.

Annual Entrepreneurial competition “Soutez a Podnikej” – September to July, 2018 – This is the second year of competition for high school students. The goal of the competition is to allow talented students to start their entrepreneurship activities or at least offer them the perspective of a possible future job opportunity during their high school studies. The KMDF contributed financial, and logistical support for visiting finalist in Chicago area.