October 2011 – KMDF hosted a delegation from Prague 6 and its Mayor, Marie Kousalikova, Ing

The Czech delegation participated in Chicago municipal meetings to learn about mutual interests between the two cities. For more information on Prague 6 visit www.praha6.cz.

October 2011 – Dedication of The Woodrow Wilson Monument

Where: Vrchlického sady, (Nové Město, between Opletalova Street and Main Train Station)
Time: 11:00 am
Admission: Free and Open to the Public

Dedication Ceremony featuring U.S. and Czech officials, musical and military tributes, and the formal unveiling of the Woodrow Wilson Monument and the Walk of Freedom.
Woodrow Wilson Statue Re-Installation photos.

September 2011 – KMDF supports Bohemian Lawyers’ Association of Chicago and its Centennial Gala.

The BLAC has been established 100 years ago, and it continues its success with many activities, such as the annual JMLS Czech-American exchange program funded by BLAC scholarships. For more information visit http://www.bohemianlawyers.org/

August 2011 – 4 medical students from Charles University Medical School participated in Global Health Exchange.

We are proud of the strong connection the KMDF help facilitate between the Charles University in Prague and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Its students participate in annual medical exchanges.

July 2011 – On September 29 Skyline performes in Bottom Lounge Club.

On September 29 Skyline performes in Bottom Lounge Club. This is the “wildest electronic band from Czech Republic formed in 1998 in Prague. Skyline is recognized for its energetic combination of genres (rave, pop, post-punk…) and also for its three ecstatic lead vocalist – two male MCs and a hyper female singer Marka Rybin.” More information is on www.skylineweb.cz. KMDF Sponsors Skyline’s stay in Chicago.

May 2011 – The KMDF continues to support the recreation of the President Woodrow Wilson Monument in Prague, as well as the Dedication events on October 4th and 5th, 2011.

American Friends of the Czech Republic (AFoCR), a Washington, DC, based non-profit organization, is rebuilding, in partnership with the City of Prague and the Metropolitan District of Prague 1, the monument to American President Woodrow Wilson at the main train station in Prague. The Monument was built in 1928 but destroyed by the Nazis in 1941 during the occupation.? Please join us to witness this historic moment. We will be in Prague on October 4th!

April 2011 – The KMD Foundation, the Czech-American-TV has started filming.

With the support of The KMD Foundation, the Czech-American-TV has started filming brand new series of Czech language instructional videos, entitled “Czech Class.” The brand new series consists of 24 lessons and will be aired between 09/2011 and 08/2012.

February 2011 – The KMDF supports the creation of The Woodrow Willson Monument in Prague.

The foundation is calling for all friends to support this project. Please see, http://www.afocr.org/newsletter. ; As the web site describes: “President Wilson collaborated closely with President Masaryk to secure the independence of Czechoslovakia in 1918, and the Czech people revered Wilson for his leadership and vision. The Wilson Monument in Prague, as the counterpart of the Masaryk Memorial, will complete the symbolization of the long standing Transatlantic ties of friendship and democratic values held in common by the American and Czech peoples. It will commemorate the rebirth of Czech democracy after decades of suppression.”

Come and join us at the The Dedication Ceremony, Gala Dinner, and lectures in Prague which are tentatively scheduled to run from October 4 to 6. More information will follow.

January 2011 – The KMDF supports The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

The second installment of the KMDF’s three year commitment is awarded. The Museum has constructed a Kosek Building Room for the young visitors who come to view the history and culture of the Old and New World history and Culture.