Fields of Interest


The KMD Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for students in the Czech Republic to expand their knowledge and experiences and to encourage the development of strong leadership skills in their scholastic fields of interest.

The Foundation currently supports Czech high school entrepreneurship competition “Soutěž a podnikej.” The goal of the competition is to allow talented students to start their entrepreneurship activities or at least offer them the perspective of a possible future job opportunity during their high school studies. The KMDF is a proud sponsor.  We also assist with hosting the finalists in Chicago area, where they have a further opportunity to present their projects, meet potential mentors, and to learn from offered participating business programs. For more information visit:


The Foundation supports organizations and projects that aim to expose Czech art and culture to the global community. Furthermore, support is provided to programs that encourage the revival of local traditions and the reconnection of Czech communities in the Czech Republic and the United States with their historical and cultural roots.

Community Development

The KMD Foundation aims to proactively strengthen personal and community growth development of Czech public officials, professionals, and other community leaders in the Czech Republic and the United States through innovative activities that stimulate creative learning, working and problem solving.