About The KMD

This Year The KMDF celebrates 15 years of supporting the ties between the Czech Republic and the United States. Over the years we have distributed about $500,000 to a variety of Czech-American organizations, to exchange programs, and to individual recipients. We are a proud contributor to the support and betterment of Czech society and Czech-American relationship.


To provide opportunities for citizens of the Czech Republic to expand their knowledge, expertise and experiences, and to encourage personal and community growth through academic, professional, and cultural activities both in the Czech Republic and the United States. Through its activities the Foundation seeks to support the long-term development and improvement of the Czech society.


To strengthen the Czech community in the Czech Republic and the United States through activities that encourage long-term positive change.

To provide opportunities and support for international collaboration and network-building.

To encourage the use of knowledge, experience, and professional contacts gained through The KMD Foundation’s programs and grants for the continuous improvement of life in the Czech community.

To collaborate with organizations within the United States and other countries with similar goals.